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re·form /rəˈfôrm/
Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

Capitalism and Socialism MARG - Modern Age Representational Governance Universal Basic Income A Country of Minorities

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Capitalism and Socialism
If the stomach keeps all that it digests and doesn't let the heart pump the nutrients/energy to all the organs and limbs of the body, the stomach will bloat, the body will die, and with it, the stomach itself will also.

I read this way back in my third-grade textbook.

Stomach is capitalism.
Heart is socialism.

Don't throw away one for the other.

And remember there are many other organs / systems in the body like Kidneys, lungs, brain, and intestines, which are equally important. Similarly, society has other organs / systems. Culture, ethics, relationships, and spirituality. These are all integral to society just as capitalism and socialism are. Let us call them the major six.

Civilizations are nothing but the course of history in which the major six played together, some times along with each other and some times against each other, giving a different flavor to the society at different times. Wonderful fragrance at times, and horrid stench at others.

If you want to understand society or comment on it, or propose solutions, you need to understand all the major six. But here comes a problem. Most of us can naturally relate to and are educated in one or two of the six, but not all. Those one or two look crystal clear to us and hence significant. The other four or five look hazy to us and hence insignificant.

We can even find strong support for our ideas by reaching out to others who can also relate to the same one or two systems. But, our solutions and ideas, with a heavy focus on only one or two, won't work as expected and won't last for long.

A heart-specialist with the heart-centric approach or a lung-specialist with a lung-centric approach can solve some isolated problems of the body, but not more complex problems that pester the body for long. Only one with a holistic approach can solve complex problems.

If you are to understand society or comment on it or find solutions to it, your challenge is to grow beyond your comfort zone of the one or two systems and try to familiarize yourself with all the systems and be ready and willing to work with others who have flair for other systems.

You need to develop the skill to see each and every problem of the society from the perspective of all the major six. For that, you need to observe society keenly. You need to gather light from many lamps, be it Ramayana, Mahabharata, Artha Sastra, Das Capital, Wealth of Nations, or Origin of Species.

If you don't develop a framework of your own, in which all of them fit together, you can't offer a solution that works and lasts.